We are a dedicated group of people looking to change the world!

Tamara Valdez


Tamara’s huge heart, compassion for all living creatures, lifelong curiosity and respect for the world we live in, and love of nature and science make her the perfect leader for the Richard Reed Foundation. With a background in photography, tech, marketing, advertising, alpine exploration and a serial volunteer, she is proud to carry on her dad’s legacy and continue his vision with the foundation. When Tamara’s not busy making community connections, you can find her out on the trails with her camera, visiting her two grown kiddos, crafting new vegan recipes, or in front of the fire, curled up with a good book with a dog or cat (or all four!) on her lap. 


Grant Manager

Our Grant Manager, Jan Skogen, was born in Norway, and left in 1993 to explore the world and learn about all its different cultures and people. Having trained as a firefighter and EMT, Jan traveled the seven seas as safety officer onboard cruise ships, providing safety training and designing emergency plans. While traveling, he met Richard Reed, with whom he developed a wonderful and strong friendship, and together they began what would become the Richard Reed Foundation. Helping kids, animals and communities comes naturally to Jan, and has brought him so much joy and purpose in life. He truly cherishes the time spent with all of the organizations we’ve helped over the years. Jan and his husband split their time between Lake Tahoe, Orinda and Puerto Vallarta, and love to golf, ski and provide hands-on support to local nonprofits.


Rachelle Dodge

Program Director

Rounding out the team is our Program Director, Rachelle Dodge. Rachelle’s organizational magic, word wizardry and command of communication are the glue that holds the foundation together. A lifelong volunteer, community builder and self-proclaimed people person, she truly believes in the foundation’s goals of building sustainable local communities. Active in several of her local community groups, she also serves on the board of her son’s PTA and chairs several PTA committees and events. In her downtime, Rachelle loves traveling with her husband and two sons, and spending time in the Colorado mountains getting a little “mountain therapy” while hiking, snowshoeing, camping or skiing.